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Tribute to Deep Purple

Various Artists: Who Do They Think We Are? A Tribute To Deep Purple From Japan (CD, Japan, 22.05.1996)
Various Artists: Black Night - Deep Purple Tribute According To New York (CD, England, 08.1996)
Demon's Eye: Made On Stage (CD, Deutschland, 21.11.2002)
Purple: Who Do We Think We Are (CD, Deutschland, 2002)
Various Artists: Blackmore's Castle - A Tribute To Deep Purple & Rainbow (CD, Finnland, 11.11.2003)
Various Artists: Purple People (CD, England, 08.07.2004)
Various Artists: The many faces of Deep Purple (3CD, 2014)

Tribute to...

Various Artists: One Way Street / Let The Tribute Do The Talking - A Tribute To Aerosmith (CD, Holland, 09.05.2003)

...Captain Beyond
Thousand Days Of Yesterdays/A Tribute To Captain Beyond (CD, Schweden, Herbst`99)

...The Cult
Various Artists: Fire Woman - A Tribute To The Cult (CD, England, 25.10.2001)

... Hank Marvin & The Shadows
TWANG! A Tribute To Hank Marvin & The Shadows (CD, England, 26.10.1996)

... Jethro Tull
To Cry You A Song - A Tribute To Jethro Tull (CD, Deutschland, 01.06.1996)

...Mr. Big
Influences & Connections - Volume One: Mr. Big (CD, Italien, 19.01.2004, Promo-CD, Italien, 12.2003, CD & DVD, Japan, 13.08.2003)

Another Hair Of The Dog - A Tribute To Nazareth (CD, USA und England, 2001)

...Ozzy Osbourne
Tribute To Ozzy - Bat Head Soup (CD, England, 12. Juni 2000)

A Tribute To Queen (CD, Deutschland, 27.11.1996)
Stone Cold Queen - A Tribute (CD, Holland, 04. Oktober 2001)

Catch The Rainbow - A Tribute To Rainbow (CD, Deutschland, 02. Mai 2000)

...Randy Rhoads
Randy Rhoads Tribute (CD, Japan, 23. Februar 2000)

...Tommy Bolin
1996 Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert (CD, USA, November 1996)

...Van Halen
A Tribute To Van Halen (CD, England, 20.März 2000)

Snakebites - Tribute To Whitesnake (CD, Japan, 23. März 2000)